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creative chaos – original video October 10, 2008

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Part of Creative Chaos over at RagamuffinSoul:

It is rare (at least for me) to come up with an idea without any direct inspiration from something else. This video is one of those rarities. Started as a treatment that I wasn’t even super excited about, it eventually made into final draft form, storyboard and into the weekend services. And in the end, I kind of liked it. Created for Eagle Brook’s Raise Your Religious IQ series back in the summer of ’07, here’s Ding Dong:


creative chaos – recreating a great video August 28, 2008

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Post for “Creative Chaos” over at Ragamuffin Soul. Check out more creative stuff there…

Let’s be honest. Sometimes you stumble upon an idea that is so good and so perfect that you can’t think of anyway to make it better. And with sites like youtube and vimeo, there are more and more opportunities for this to happen. Millions of great ideas being freely shared with the world.

Well this happened to me last spring as we were developing ideas for our “There’s An Elephant in the Room” series. A youtube video crossed our paths that we thought would be a PERFECT fit for the message on Parent/Teen relationships. Here’s that video:

We couldn’t just capture this and show it, however. The resolution would be terrible AND we didn’t think people would catch some of the Aussie vernacular. And so, the process of recreating the video from scratch began. Here’s how it went down:

– contacted Peter Denahy to get permission. Very important.
– charted and arranged the song, and did some tweaks to the lyrics.
– recorded the audio of our version
– dissected the original video shot-by-shot and planned our shooting accordingly
– found an angsty looking teen
– had the actors memorize the song so they could lip-synch exactly
– locked down the camera and shot it in about 4 hours

And voila! We had a nice, clean, widescreen version of the same video. And the best part about it…it was one of our church’s favorite videos of the year. Here’s our completed version:

P.S. that sultry teen voice…yeah, that’s me.

creative chaos – it would take a miracle… July 24, 2008

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My first post to the Creative Chaos series over at Ragamuffin Soul (check it!).

Last December we had a series at EBC called “It Would Take A Miracle…” The idea was to lead up to Christmas weekend with a series that would be highly engaging for anyone who might walk in the door. We equipped our attenders with many tools to make it easy to invite friends and family during this time. In the end, we witnessed 350 people say “YES!” to Christ.

One of the big tools we used was a website (www.itwouldtakeamiracle.com) where we unfolded weekly video episodes throughout the series. You can see the videos on the website, or check them out on my VIDEOS page by clicking above.