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vintage character February 10, 2009

Posted by lastpicasso in Branding, Eagle Brook Church.
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This weekend we start a new message series called, Vintage Character. We’re taking a look at some Old Testament studs (and a stud-ette)…a sort of “character study” of sorts. We’re talkin bout Esther, Job, Nehemiah and Hezekiah. Each one has a corresponding T-Shirt. Can you guess which goes with which?

The branding and creative concept for this series came straight out of a brainstorming session. The whole vintage t-shirt idea was one of those ideas that at the time seemed a little bizarre. But, like many great ideas, if you let it simmer enough, it will stick. This is why I’m a fan of the “no idea is a bad idea” philosophy.

Oh, and the guy in the brown ringer T, yeah…that’s me. And no, I don’t work out.