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dusty, rusty, musty July 9, 2008

Posted by lastpicasso in Improv.
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Now that the TCIF is over and NEUTRINO is “on the shelf” I have a tiny bit more free time. So…I decided to dust off my black sweatpants and start improvising at ComedySportz again. It’s kind of like when Michael Jordan came out of retirement to play with the Wizards…eh…er…no, it’s not. My first show back was last Thursday night. It was nice. I had a great time. I also realized how much quickness I’ve lost over this past year. The demands of spontaneity in live improvisation are huge and when you haven’t been flexing that muscle in a while, well, it shows. Here’s to hoping that I can get my legs back soon.

Speaking of old-timers getting back on the horse…we’re getting the band back together! That’s right, this weekend all of HappyFunTime will be heading out to LiFest to do some geriatric comedy. I’m secretly (shhh…) excited for this because I know that there will be an element of freshness to the shows, which can be really fun. We’re all just hoping that Wes doesn’t get hurt.

Know your limits.



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