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new beginnings… June 18, 2008

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I’m a sucker for cheesy titles.

So this is my blog…blah, blah, blah. My hope is that this will force me to engage in a more varied approach to writing. I also hope that this can be a place to share my learnings and findings about the world and culture with people who care. Another hope would be that I can be more consistent and diligent than I was with my first attempt at blogging. (NOTE: I just checked to see if it still existed and to my sheer horror…it does. http://www.happyfuntime.com/blog/mike Maybe I’ll archive to some of those old posts someday.)

But this is a new day, darnit. A day for fresh starts. A day for new beginnings!



1. Wes - June 18, 2008

I hope and pray that your camera phone is just as key of a component to your new blog as it was to your old blog. Man…good times.

I can’t wait to see what spills out of your noodle, Hadley.

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